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Suzanne sees creating a garden as a collaborative process



For me it is essential to hold an initial, informal conversation to establish the core elements of the brief.


I want to establish how you feel about gardens in general and your garden project in particular. This may include a discussion of memories, colour palettes, practical requirements. 


At this point we will also discuss your budget.


(There is no charge for this consultation.)

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This is where the project comes to life as you watch your garden becoming a reality.


Gardens need nurturing as they change through time.


I am always available to provide advice on future maintenance.


This is the finished design presented to you in the form of large scale plans.


Detailed drawings: planting plan & construction drawings


Now we move onto the details of exactly what is required to create your garden.


These drawings and plans underpin the specifications for the landscapers to establish detailed costings for delivery of the project. 


There is flexibility built into this stage to allow for adjustments to reflect budget and client preferences.



The practical project begins with a site analysis assessing light, soil, hard landscaping, perimeters, levels, existing plantings, and other relevant factors.

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Concept &


I will produce an initial brief and project proposal with timelines and costs to be agreed.


Once this is accepted, I carry out an in-depth site analysis (this may involve an independent survey depending on the site).


I will then create a concept plan for the garden which I will present to you to communicate my vision for the space and receive your comments to help me refine this. This may include a 3-D element to help you visualise what your new garden will both look and feel like.

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